Air Service Technologies has gone green and is committed to protecting the environment.

Our technicians are trained in the safe handling of refrigerants used in air conditioning and refrigeration systems.

Even though ozone depleting CFC refrigerants have been banned since 1993, there are still consequences to global warming if refrigerant is released into the atmosphere.

New legislation has made it illegal to work with refrigerants without approved training and certification.

Air Service Technologies already operates within these guidelines and has done since being established in 2006.

In accordance with the Environmental Protection Act 1989, Air Service Technologies removes harmful CFC refrigerants for disposal through authorized waste transfer stations.

Our working practices and leak testing methods ensure that no refrigerant is deliberately released into the atmosphere.

Only ARC-licensed technicians can handle and trade fluorocarbon refrigerant in Australia and all AST technicians hold current ARCtick licences.

Air Service Technologies Pty Ltd will comply with all local, state and federal laws and regulations on:

•  Disposing of hazardous waste (including EPA’s list of prescribed industrial waste), trade waste (i.e. waste added to the sewer) and waste water 
•  Safe handling, storage and transport of hazardous waste and dangerous goods
•  Noise
•  Land use
•  Air pollution and carbon emissions

All Staff complete an induction process where they are educated and issued our HR Manual which informs them about best practice, codes and regulations in regards to our Environmental Policy.

Air Service Technologies has already begun to define our carbon footprint. Our aim is to implement a reduction year on year with the help from the EarthWatch website ( By making small changes to the way we consume energy the long term benefits can be great both to our business spending and the environment.